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Free personal consultation.

 We will meet together virtually, so I can help you with your greatest challenges. 


About Me

Certified Life Coach

Hi there, my name is Cierra Roberts. I'm a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to 6 awesome boys. Self-confidence feels amazing, but what if it's something you're missing? I've been there! I struggled with depression, anxiety, and disempowering thoughts for years. I felt I had a heavy load. Since learning to manage my brain, I have created the life I want. I've gone from small tasks feeling too difficult to regularly being asked how I accomplish so much while caring for my 6 sons (3 of which are on the autism spectrum). Once I stumbled upon life coaching, it opened the door to a new way of thinking.  I love helping my clients open that same door. In my coaching practice I will assist you in finding the tools to help you grow and become a stronger, happier, and empowered individual. 

Work with me

What is life coaching? How will it benefit me?

My clients come to me with challenges that are holding them back from living their best lives. After my extensive training at Brooke Castillo's The Life Coach School I have the skills to address the problems you bring to our sessions.  Here are some obstacles my clients have brought to me.

  • Stress, worry, and/or guilt are preventing me from enjoying my life

  • People judge me harshly and/or I'm not accepted by others     

  • I'm not good at my job and no matter how hard I try I fail              

  • I'm struggling with my child and I don't feel like a good mom or dad 

  • My spouse doesn't respect me and I want a healthy and happy marriage 

  • I'll never amount to anything; I must deserve to be unhappy                          

Any of these sound familiar? Here's the good news, your imperfections are perfect. Seriously, just think about how good it will feel to get past them. In my coaching practice I will show you how to gain self confidence and become a healthier more empowered individual. 


Woman by the Water

"Give yourself permission to love yourself. When life brings up unexpected circumstances, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, give yourself the gift of compassion. Remember you were made to get through this, and by doing so you are allowing yourself to grow and become the amazing person you are meant to be."

-Cierra K. Roberts

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